Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a new little something....

so i really wanted a new bag. i was craving one, but couldn't find one i liked, that suited me and my daily purposes. i need a bag that will carry things... lots of things. diapers, wipes, snacks, pens, books, flowers, dogs, terrariums and plastic cows.

..... and here it is. i sat down at my machine and cranked out this amazing bag. its so amazing that i didn't know how amazing it what until i finished it. i didn't put a picture on, but its got a row of pockets all around the bottom for anything and everything that i didn't want "floating."

its canvas and super duper sturdy. i'm telling you. anyway, i was so excited about it, i thought i'd list one on etsy and see what the response was. let me know if you like it!

oh and this is my favorite part. the straps are attached with hemp! gotta love hemp. check out the listing here.


loboastur@gmail.com said...


loboastur@gmail.com said...


Lrc said...

Verra verra kewl Amberae...thats how new design starts with need! cool idea to have pockets on the inside, i like that in my bags! the hemp looks cool too

KimberlyRose said...

wow, love that bag!!

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